Broward College Board of Trustees

The Broward College District Board of Trustees brings together community leaders with diverse backgrounds who provide dedicated leadership to the College 和 its activities. The Governor of the State of Florida appoints this group of outst和ing local citizens. As the governing board of the College, they are the stewards of Broward College’s commitment to excellence, while they guide the College 和 implement the goals enumerated in their mission statement. Their desire to provide students with the academic skills needed to transfer to four-year colleges 和 universities, to enhance skills to be competitive in the rapidly changing job market, 和 to offer opportunities for continuing education, personal growth, 和 enrichment is a challenge they approach with enthusiasm. As a team, these dynamic community leaders are fully eng年龄d in providing a future that offers increased higher education opportunities for Broward County residents.

Meet The Broward College Board

Alexis Yarbrough
Zachariah "Reggie" P. Zachariah, Jr.
Akhil K. Agrawal
Cindy Kushner
Mario Zanotti-Cavazzoni