Virtual 双录取 信息 Session for Students & 父母. 看录音 在这里 for those students who are interested in enrolling for the Summer 2024 Term 和 the Fall 2024 Semester. 

的 site is meant to guide students, 父母, 和 high school counseling staff through the dual enrollment admissions 和 registration process.


的 双录取 Program at 澳门英皇赌登入大学 (BC) is an accelerated program that allows eligible public/charter, 私人, 和 home school secondary students to take postsecondary coursework 和 simultaneously earn both high school 和 college credits, saving both time 和 money. 双录取 students are exempt from the payment of application fees, 学费, 还有化验费.  College courses are offered at BC campuses 和 centers, including the 澳门英皇赌登入大学 Online  campus, 和 at several high school campuses.


初入学, a form of dual enrollment, allows eligible high school senior students to enroll in at least 12 credits per term, 秋天和春天, 和 maintain a college GPA of 2.0或更大. Early admission students wishing to matriculate to BC will need to submit their final high school transcript showing their graduation date.


的  BC大学学院 offers high school juniors enrolled full-time in the program, the opportunity to receive a high school diploma from the School Board of Broward County, 佛罗里达, 和 an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree from 澳门英皇赌登入大学. 大学学院 students are subject to additional eligibility criteria as published by the 大学学院.