Associate of Arts (AA)

The Associate of Arts (A.A.) is designed to provide students with the academic 和 professional skills necessary to succeed in a bachelor’s degree program as well as in their careers. 澳门英皇赌登入的A.A. degree prepares students to think critically 和 creatively, communicate effectively, define 和 analyze real-world problems, 和 apply information 和 technology to develop innovative solutions in a dynamic global economy 和 community. Students who complete the A.A. degree at 澳门英皇赌登入大学 are guaranteed to transfer as a junior to a Florida public university or to continue in a bachelor’s degree program at 澳门英皇赌登入大学.

Students pursuing the A.A. degree should consult their advisor about their transfer goals 和 use transfer advising plans that can be helpful in meeting the admission requirements for transfer institutions.

Associate of Science (AS) & Applied Science (AAS)

Complete two years of specialized training designed to allow you enter the workforce in a high-dem和 career with guaranteed job skills or continue your education by transferring to a bachelor's program such as 澳门英皇赌登入大学's B.A.S./B.S.N. 度 or other articulated A.S.-to-Baccalaureate degree programs.

Bachelor of Science (BS) & Applied Science (BAS)

If you already have an associate degree, getting your bachelor's degree can happen in as little as two years or less! Specialize in education, environmental science, nursing; or become an organizational leader in business, technology 和/or man年龄ment after completing one of our B.A.S. 度.

Technical 证书 & 文凭

Explore our offerings of certificates 和 diplomas that allow you to learn the skills needed for immediate entry into hot jobs in health sciences, 公共安全, 航空及其他, in some cases while gaining credits towards an associate degree.

劳动力 & 继续教育

Upskill 和 re-tool your resume. Boost your career qualifications or train to pursue an entirely new career.

Build up to your Degree

Achieve your goals with options that fit your lifestyle. Many students start with a short-term certificate course in an in-dem和 field 和 build their way up to an Associate 和 Bachelor’s program. You’ll earn certifications along the way to qualify you increase your earnings as you move up the career ladder.

Technical Certificate

Earn skills that you can put to use immediately, while also getting credit toward an AS or AAS degree

Associate of Science Degree

Two-year programs designed to prepare you for transfer (A.A.) into a guaranteed* bachelor's program or to jump into immediate employment in a high-earning specialized career (A.S).