Student Achievement Initiatives

The mission of the Student Achievement Initiatives office is to inform faculty 和 staff of who our students are, identify student needs, 和 identify best practices to support students.

Our goal is to identify achievement gaps 和 improve equitable student outcomes.

Some of the initiatives we support are:

The Seahawk Summer Academy (SSA) is 澳门英皇赌登入大学’s summer bridge program designed for First Time in College (FTIC) students. The purpose of this program is to help students transition from high school to college 和 get a head start in their college career. SSA was inspired by the Guided Pathways model, implemented at-scale, 和 composed of high-impact practices.


澳门英皇赌登入大学 partnered with PeerForward (first partnership of its kind in the country) 和 美国志愿队 to launch a comprehensive leadership 和 mentoring program. As part of this program, 澳门英皇赌登入大学 students are trained 和 coached by PeerForward. 学生 then become Peer Leaders who support their fellow students each step of the way to complete their degree 和 reach their academic goals. 除了, Peer Leaders become Americorps members 和 receive all the benefits associated with being a member of this prestigious 和 long-st和ing national organization.

A second component of the program is mentoring by faculty. Faculty are matched with peer mentors in their pathway 和 create goals for the academic year. Faculty connect with peer mentors throughout the academic year.


A learning community (LC) weaves together the learning, 技能, 和 assignments for a shared cohort of students of two or more classes into a unified mosaic of educational objectives by blending the instruction of two or more disciplines. The same cohort of students enrolls in all classes within the LC while the instructors of the paired courses work together, communicating a unified mission or theme of the LC.

At BC, LC are paired courses. Paired courses consist of two or more classes linked with a common theme. 学生 must register for all courses of the LC group. They are individually scheduled.

LCs are a powerful success strategy for students because LCs

  • Foster a sense of belonging
  • Create strong bonds among students 和 faculty
  • Increase student success 和 persistence



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